Race Face Chester Crank W/83Mm Bb Black 165Mm Ck12Ch83A165Blk

Chester is the go-to for your AM, DJ, DH or FR rig. Net-forged 6066 alloy crank for strength while keeping weight as low as possible. Our patented I-lock CrMo steel inserts give this crank DH strength at the critical pedal interface. Our middle-weight AM BB spindles are stronger than some of our competitors' DH spindles. Proven "EXI" spline interface ensures fast, simple installation and easy dealer serviceability using standard shop tools. Extended spline interface length on the fixed LH crank arm ensures long term durability and no loosening or creaking even from big hit riding. 3mm of chainline adjustability ensures the ability to achieve perfect drivetrain alignment even with difficult suspension frame designs and ideal for fine-tuning shifting chainguide set-ups. Only Race Face cranks offer this extremely useful feature. 1095g (175mm with 24/36/Bash & 68/73 BB)
*Bottom Bracket Included

Price: 116.96