R D Cool Air Intake Kit Ultra 250 215-25000

The R&D high performance Air Filter Kit will improve acceleration and top speed performance by increasing air flow and reducing air temperatures that enter directly into the Ultra’s air plenum box area The OEM air plenum box on the Ultra 4-stroke models is a great design that will flow plenty of air.  However, the air that feeds the plenum box is heated by the engine. R&D has created an easy to install “flat filter” that installs directly in place of the large center access inspection cover located directly under the main glove box. The R&D Flat Air Filter insert will allow unrestricted fresh and cool air to enter the air plenum box area which will add power you can feel and a nice high performance tone. The R&D Performance Filter Kit also features two filters, one for each of the surge and blow-off protection valves. The OEM surge valve recycles compressed hot air back into the air box plenum at idle and under deceleration conditions. The R&D surge and blow-off valve filter kit removes the air recycling hoses which will keep the hot air from entering the air plenum box reducing the engines intake air temperatures. The R&D Ultra 250/ 260/ 300 Air Filter Kit offers great performance tips on how to remove the restrictive air vent hoses which will further reduce the under seat ambient air temperatures. The R&D Filter system does not remove or alter the OEM plenum box in any way, therefore there are no questions to be answered regarding water ingestion! The R&D Filter Kit is easy to install with no modifications required to the OEM parts.

• Improved low end performance
• Great high performance tone
• Cooler engine air temperatures
• Cooler engine compartment temperatures
• Easy to install bolt on performance (no modifications)
• Low cost performance advantages

Price: 104.48